About Me

I am a wife, a mother, an early childhood educator, and an amateur photographer.

I have such a passion for early childhood. I love the random acts of kindness, sadness, frustration, angry eyes, happy eyes, and much more that you get from a preschool child. It’s like everyday is a new day and you can’t wait to see what little Ben is going to say. Sometimes they say the funniest things; things that make you fall out of your seat with laughter and other times, you just want to cry. I am a very emotionally-driven person, so I think that I connect with preschool children because they are so emotional. We understand each other.

Our teachers deserve training that is realistic and true to the early childhood classroom and they deserve to get that information from someone who has been there and done that. Unless you have spent a day in a two-year-old classroom, you really can’t begin to understand how hard, how exciting, how emotional, how inspiring and how underestimated the early childhood field is.

My hope is that one day all children can run free at preschool barefoot, in diapers, and paint without smocks!

Where we lead they will follow, so please use your heart in guiding them.

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