Consulting Services

Preview of Consulting Services

Learning Environment Set-up
Curriculum Implementation
Portfolio Development
Classroom Strategies
Classroom Management
Lesson Planning Strategies
Parent Outreach Strategies

Keep in mind that the power of observation is critical to a successful classroom. With that said, I highly recommend at least two days: one day of observations and suggestions and one day of implementation with follow-up observations.


2 Days @ 4 Hours~$195

3 Days @ 4 Hours~$295

2 Days @ 6 Hours~$295

3 Days @ 6 Hours~$445

Fees include off-site work at my office, a follow-up appointment (electronic or on-site) and phone/electronic communications to ensure a successful outcome.

Special fees can be made for your personalized consulting appointments. We can discuss weekly visits or monthly visits and set a personalized pricing for those services. Don’t hesitate to contact me about working with me on fees; I am open and ready to help you better the learning environments for your teachers and children.

*all fees are subject to materials, travel and/or lodging expenses

You can email me or complete the form below.

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